RISE (BETA) Eye-Tracker (Calibration Free Mode)

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I have been working on a new eye-tracking technology that may be of interest to those who are trying to improve the accuracy of eye-tracking systems and increase their overall usability.

Basically, I have developed a MVP for an eye-tracking system that can be configured for use with off-the-shelf USB infra-red cameras and lenses. The basic idea is that users will produce an artificial calibration and then load it into the eye-tracker. Users will then be free to move within the limits imposed by the hardware.

The artificial calibration will be valid as long as the hardware set-up remains unchanged (e.g. you can't move the camera). The system, RISE (BETA) Eye-Tracker can be configured for use with zoom lenses for distance gaze tracking, for instance.

The eye-tracker can be used either with the artificial calibration or can be used with a combination of the artificial calibration and a user-calibration.

I have released a commercial BETA (targeting academic research) but am currently working on a PRO version.

I have just put a promotional demo video on YouTube showing gaze-tracking over a wall segment using only the artificial calibration (e.g. there is no user calibration at all). The demo also uses inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware (e.g. I used a very cheap 16 mm CCTV lens, for instance).



I have developed this system in isolation and would now like to engage with the gaze-tracking community if anyone finds this interesting.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind me telling you a little about the RISE project. Please get in touch if you world like to learn more about this system.

Dr John Cox